For over 30 years, O'Neill Enterprises has been helping individuals and companies achieve radical transformation

With a deep understanding of the challenges that prevent progress and growth, we bring creativity, passion and caring to our work with clients, effectively helping them overcome the obstacles that hold them back.

O’Neill Enterprises has helped both corporate and nonprofit businesses solve even the thorniest personnel and organizational problems – turning conflict-ridden enterprises into profitable, high performers that achieve or exceed their goals.

O'Neill Enterprises ignites change in people, allowing them to break free and move forward. Dedicated equally to innovation, integrity and imaginative problem-solving, O'Neill Enterprises is a spirited catalyst who inspires action and accelerates success.

O'Neill Enterprises has helped many clients achieve high performance within their organization

O'Neill Enterprises directed a Strategic Planning Process for a major international agricultural firm where the vision became profitable through cost containment and employee engagement.
Facilitated the Strategic Planning Process for cross-functional teams in industries such as, manufacturing, professional services, sales and marketing, utilities, and product development
Supported Strategic Plans for six CEO’s with ongoing organizational reconstruction
Participated as a member of three Strategic Planning Teams for divisions of a Fortune 100 company.

Lin O'Neill, CEO

A graduate of Texas Woman’s University and the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management, Lin possesses broad expertise in operations and human resources, coupled with an exceptional knowledge of organizational behavior. This skill set served her well in her role as a vice president (and the first woman corporate officer) for Continental Airlines, where she managed several thousand employees and led the Inflight Services Division through reorganization and realignment.

She has helped Fortune 100 clients turn around faltering departments and projects by providing an unbiased assessment of their processes, staff and business climate and assisting them in making the tough decisions necessary to improve their bottom line.

Lin is also expert at assisting entrepreneurs who want to transform a start-up into a sustainable company, or expand a small business into a larger corporation. By helping owners identify more efficient business processes, creating powerful cross-functional teams, and/or improving their manufacturing or other cost structure issues, she provides a path to transformation that is workable, creative, and energizing.

Entrepreneurs Connection

Entrepreneurs Connection is a community of entrepreneurs that share expertise and best practices and get together to network with other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Connection started as a monthly breakfast hosted at the prestigious Tower Club in Dallas, TX in June of 2013. Today Entrepreneurs Connection happens every month with an average attendance of 60+ entrepreneurs.

During the event, a local entrepreneur shares their success story and acquired knowledge with the purpose of supporting and inspiring attendees to reach their full potential.