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Like all aspects of business and technology, project management has been affected by fundamental changes in the workplace brought about by new technologies, including increased reliance on remote workers and online collaboration. Sharp increases in competition for market share have led to a shift toward longer-range strategies, as opposed to the traditional focus on individual projects. In addition, forward-thinking leaders and managers are encouraging the free flow of ideas throughout the organization, rather than depending on the top-down policies of the past.

As an acknowledged leader in strategic transformation with extensive experience in business operations, O’Neill Enterprises brings the latest management skills to projects of any size and level of complexity. Because we understand the changing business landscape and the need to adapt to new management paradigms, we are singularly qualified to successfully bring your projects to fruition.

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Emphasizing interdepartmental cooperation, flexibility and big-picture thinking, O'Neill Enterprises will bring your projects to completion in compliance with all defined parameters every time.

More and more, organizations are recognizing the inherent importance of business process analysis and design. In the current economic environment, business process flexibility is “key to organizational survival.” Whether viewed individually as separate steps in a business cycle, or collectively as the set of activities that constitute the value chain of a company, business processes are key to the proper functioning (or dysfunction) of an organization.

For more than 20 years, O’Neill Enterprises has been helping clients – from small businesses and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies – design their business processes to ensure that they are optimized, effective, customer-friendly, and sustain development and growth. Whether the task is to streamline existing processes or design new systems, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to devise the most cost-effective and optimally functional solution.

Beyond creating cutting-edge business process designs, O’Neill Enterprises can also ensure that they are implemented in a way that minimizes problems and gets them up and running in record time. Key to this operation is determining which organization members can best help in implementing the design and assigning appropriate roles to selected employees. In addition, it’s essential to maintain an overall vision of the implementation process to ensure not only that each step is completed properly, but that team members understand the goals and the significance of the new strategic plan.

O’Neill Enterprises will also help define the network within your facility that’s required to meet service demand and minimize production cost, while ensuring that this process follows the overall business strategy. Transforming business processes to effect positive change and drive success is at the heart of what we do; looking after the details and ensuring proper follow-through is what makes it happen.

Maintaining the success of a business process requires continuous monitoring and improvement. O’Neill Enterprises recognizes the critical nature of operations management and is dedicated to helping clients keep their businesses functioning at an optimum level. We make it our job to understand everything about the process and we continually look for ways to improve it, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs wherever possible.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your company, O’Neill Enterprises offers a complete management program that focuses on ensuring long-term profitability, sustaining lasting efficiency and solving unexpected plan deflections.

With our core commitment to driving innovation and catalyzing change, we will do everything in our power to keep your business humming and work toward your continued success.

In a rapidly changing world, the effective design, implementation and management of operations is more important - and more challenging - than ever before. Let us help you optimize your business operations to ensure continuing profitability, development and growth.

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December 8, 2017


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