With decades of experience in facilitation and extensive knowledge of organizational behavior, team-building and problem solving, O’Neill Enterprises excels in helping businesses and organizations of all kinds conduct meetings that are productive, creative and energizing (yes, energizing!). Whether you need support for company meetings, conferences, executive conclaves, or board meetings, we can help you plan, design and run them to maximize participation and produce mutually agreeable and often transformative results.

Thanks to our long experience, we know all there is to know about what works and what doesn’t, which ensures that we can deliver what we promise. We’re not afraid of conflict and we know how to work around different communication styles to draw the best from everyone. We also understand that, while a meeting that makes everyone feel good is a plus, without actionable results even the best-feeling meeting isn’t worth much. Thus, even in the heat of battle, we never lose sight of the desired outcome and, as in everything we do, we stay focused on the way forward.

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O’Neill Enterprises has played a leading role in business education and curriculum development in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. From serving as lead faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses to delivering the Emerging Leaders and Scale Up curriculum for the Small Business Administration, CEO Lin O’Neill has helped entrepreneurs and small businesses develop, grow, and succeed.

With experience in both classroom and administrative roles, Lin provides a broad range of services to improve learning opportunities and encourage professional development within businesses. These include research, development, and testing of new curricula and teaching methods; selecting appropriate textbooks and materials for use in the classroom; and offering a wealth of innovative ideas to enhance teaching and learning. Without effective education, there is no growth, and without growth, there is no point. Let us help you keep things moving and growing through the development and implementation of a curriculum that matters.

Even with an excellent curriculum and the best intentions, teaching employees what they need to know in a way that they can understand is a tricky business. Not everyone is a natural teacher, which is why it’s critical that those entrusted with training know what they’re doing. The good news is that, while the road to enlightenment is littered with pitfalls, there are proven methods for training trainers that help ensure positive outcomes.

As experts in communication, group processes, and transformative change, O’Neill Enterprises can help your trainers learn and employ best practices in imparting knowledge to others and being certain that their messages are being heard. By observing classroom, workshop and/or and on-the-job interactions, we can identify problem areas and intervene as necessary to strengthen skills and foster consistency, competency and positivity. Businesses routinely spend thousands of dollars on training employees; we’ll make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

With decades of experience, O’Neill Enterprises excels in helping businesses and organizations of all kinds conduct and facilitate curriculum, workshops, meetings and training.

Improve learning opportunities and encourage professional development


December 8, 2017

Facilitating Successful Meetings

Meetings can be the most productive part of an employee’s day— or the part they dread the most. This program combines theory, and more importantly, the practice of leading successful meetings.

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