In the 21st century, organizations are increasingly made up of a variety of races, cultures, religions, and lifestyles, which makes diversity training more critical than ever. To succeed in today’s corporate environment, employers and employees must become more aware of and sensitive to the beliefs and norms that govern the lives of their multifarious coworkers. This is essential for creating and sustaining a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce and workplace.

Treating everyone with respect and dignity is not only the righteous thing to do, but it has been shown that embracing diversity is also a sound business strategy that helps propel an organization toward the achievement of its mission. By linking diversity and inclusion to a company's overall vision and values, leaders create a foundation that will sustain their organization over time and drive transformation for positive change. O’Neill Enterprises has been a champion of diversity and inclusion since our inception, and we are passionate about helping others move forward in this area.

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An effective employee recognition system is a powerful tool that identifies the most important outcomes that people create for your business, and reinforces the actions and behaviors that are seen as desirable. Used properly, a well-designed reward system can be remarkably transformative, inspiring employees to give their best and producing a win-win-win situation for all involved.

As leaders in the area of business strategy and organizational behavior, O’Neill Enterprises has helped companies of all sizes design and implement recognition systems customized for their specific needs. While all effective systems must be simple, immediate, and powerfully reinforcing, the devil, as always, is in the details. That's why we excel at creating reward programs geared to a client’s particular product or service and organizational structure. If you don’t yet have a recognition system, let us show you how a seemingly small addition can have surprisingly large and positive outcomes.

What are you rewarding in your organization?

Does your organization have an effective recognition system?
What are you rewarding and how? Are you inspiring your employees or confusing them?

While leaders are responsible for developing talent in their organizations, few deliver the coaching and training required to help their people advance. Since the ultimate goal of talent development is to create a highly efficient and sustainable organization to achieve strategic and operational objectives, it’s extremely short-sighted not to commit time and resources to this effort.

Recognizing that each employee is unique and helping to bring out the best in them is not only good for the individual, but of great benefit to the company.

There are numerous specific actions that executives and managers can take to facilitate the process, including acting as role models, reinforcing the value of learning, raising expectations, and seeing problems as opportunities for real-world learning and development. O’Neill Enterprises is committed to the idea that positive change – and ultimate success in business – is fostered by creativity, innovation and concern for the good of all. Helping your people be the best that they can be pays off big-time. We’ll work with you to make it happen.

In a time of rapid change and dizzying paradigm shifts, it can sometimes seem like there’s a new disaster every week, which can cause normally competent leaders — confronted with situations they’re unequipped to handle – to make disastrous decisions in the heat of the moment. Even less extreme conflict, if not handled properly, can serve to paralyze an organization.

Crisis and conflict are inevitable in the course of a company’s life. Learning how to deal effectively with disasters and to harness conflict is essential for any leader who wants not only to survive, but ultimately thrive, in a transformative age.

Among the keys to leading in a crisis are:

  • Understanding before you act
  • Managing expectations
  • Demonstrating control
  • Providing perspective
  • Caring for your team

While it’s impossible to fully prepare for the unexpected, crises can be managed successfully. We can help you bring your best self when the time arrives.

Exercising wise and effective leadership may be among the most difficult skills to master. Even longtime executives and business owners can lose focus and inspiration, especially in a challenging business environment marked by constant change and nonstop disruption.

Studies have shown that leadership development can be key to business success. In fact, one study indicated that companies with mature leadership development programs performed 10 times better than those without such a program.

O’Neill Enterprises understands the struggles that experienced, newly minted and aspiring leaders face, and we can work with you to create programs that improve leadership abilities, teach strategies for overcoming obstacles, and foster new approaches and fresh perspectives.

Creating and continuing to shape a great culture is a lifelong pursuit that takes not only great commitment, but a willingness to rethink old models and embrace sometimes radical change. But it’s the most challenging undertakings that are the ones most worth doing.

Culture Workshops

December 8, 2017

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December 8, 2017

Leading Through Conflict & Chaos

This program uses conflict and chaos to further an organization’s progress and lead employees with confidence.
December 8, 2017

Managing High Maintenance Employees

This program will give managerial staff the means to deal with high maintenance employees and move toward higher productivity and performance.
December 8, 2017

Exceptional Supervision

Build a great team, enhance communication and much more, in just two days. Because even the most seasoned manager can use a refresher on the methods of supervising others to improve work performance.

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