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Keynote Speaker Dallas

Keynotes Speaker Dallas

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O'Neill Enterprises keynote speaking topics include:

If You Put Fences Around People, You Get Sheep!

A look at the leadership required when sparking and sustaining innovation is the goal

Watching the Monkey Instead of the Organ Grinder

A look at organizational politics and power

Good Teams Equal a Good Profit Picture

I recently sat through a presentation that highlighted a complex organizational structure. Some of the people seated around me appeared to be impressed with the size, scope and growth of the mid-cap organization. Lin was drawn, instead, to the potential for miscommunication, turf wars, and lack of accountability. She has a better way…come and see what you think about a new way of creating a team infrastructure that creates profit.

Managing High Maintenance Employees

High-Maintenance Employees are a "direct hit" to your bottom line. Worse, these are "soft dollar" losses, so harder to quantify. Learn what causes High Maintenance Employees…and…how to cure this!!!

Can You Ever Have Too Much Leadership?

• Research tells us the leadership skills of individuals make a huge impact on the retention and satisfaction of talented employees. • Who taught You to how to lead? • What do your employees say about your leadership? • Do you care?

Anyone Can Lead When Things Are Going Well

Numerous times in both her business and consulting careers, Lin O'Neill has found that the Team that performs perfectly when everything is rosy isn't the Team that can maintain positive momentum when the chips are down. In this session, she offers solutions to this all-too-real dilemma… solutions you and your organization can put into place today!

Participation Means Everyone but Me

Why teams at the top don’t understand employee participation

If You Ask a Question and No One Answers

A look at pseudo-participation

Service With a Smile Just Isn’t Enough Anymore

Victims Are Only Attractive to Bullies

Real and perceived helplessness in the world of work

Boredom Kills More People Than Stress

Boredom is Public Enemy #1. It devours quality of life. Learn the facts behind these statements and how to combat them... with ease!

Sacred Cows Aren’t Cholesterol Free

In Praise of WhistleBlowers!

FACT: Most WhistleBlowers start out as concerned Employees/Team Members! They can't get traction (or even anyone to listen to their concern or their suggested solution)…SO FINALLY, in frustration, they Blow the Whistle! Learn how to stop this process before it wrecks Your Business!

Leading Effectively In This Remote World!

Heard anyone saying. "I can't wait till we are back to Normal"??? What is "normal" anyway? AND: NEWS FLASH...we aren't going back there (at least not anywhere close to 2019's "normal." Dissecting this mindset requires [gasp] CHANGE!!! Learn When, What, Where and Why and leave this presentation with new sense of purpose and a burst of energy!

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